Follow These Tips to Take Care Of Your Sensitive Skin

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Sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand which parts of your skin are sensitive. The phrase "sensitive skin" is rather ambiguous, and that many people who believe they have sensitive skin may be overusing worse items complicates matters even more.

But in general, those with rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema are thought to have sensitive skin, as are those who frequently experience allergic or irritating dermatitis reactions (stinging, burning, redness, dryness, etc.) to cosmetics or skin-care products. So, if you're the one who thinks that you have sensitive skin or looking to buy cosmetic online in Dubai, this blog outlines tips, some precautions to follow, and the best products that you can use.

What condition does skin sensitivity indicate?

Sensitive skin frequently reacts to triggers like the weather, particular cosmetics, or allergic reactions. It denotes that you are more likely to experience skin reactions like a red rash, scales, hives, red pimples, itching, blushing, or even red dilated blood vessels.

Rosacea, allergic contact dermatitis, and other skin diseases, including eczema, can also produce sensitive skin reactions.

How is a patch test for sensitive skin done?

A superb skin patch test enables you to assess your skin's suitability for the product and your allergic reaction to it.

Try a minimise amount of a product first, dabbing it behind the ear, on the side of the neck, or somewhere else discreet but close to the area where it will be administered.

For best results, wait a few hours or 24 hours and watch for signs of skin irritation or redness. If you don't have any allergic reactions, you can add them to your skin-care routine without risk. Try a new product on your complete face; the last thing you want is to experience a negative reaction.

Follow These Easy Steps for Better Skin Routine

  1. Cleanse, but be gentle

The best facial cleanser will not dry out your skin while effectively removing grime, makeup, and excess oil. It should also retain your skin's natural moisture. Look for a mild cleanser that doesn't contain soap or fragrance; avoid over-washing since this can cause dryness and discomfort. It should be sufficient to wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening.

  1. Moisturise

A moisturiser for dry, sensitive, and oily skin can increase hydration and assist in re-establishing the skin's natural moisture barrier, making your skin feel softer and smoother. For sensitive skin, look for a moisturiser that is mild and free of extra (and possibly irritating) components like colours and perfumes.

  1. Prevent triggers

Sensitive skin will react negatively to specific triggers. Keep an eye out for potential triggers, such as a new perfume, specific clothing materials, or spending too much time in the sun. Makeup, central heating, or air conditioning are possible additional culprits. Avoiding these triggers completely is sometimes the best approach to deal with this. You can manage your sensitive skin flare-ups by understanding what causes them.

  1. Remember to use sunscreen.

To lessen the possibility of acute UV exposure, which may impact the general health of your skin (even when you're indoors), pick a daily moisturiser with SPF. It has been demonstrated that applying facial sunscreen frequently actively benefits sensitive skin. It's a good idea to apply a particular sunscreen when you're outside (rather than just a moisturiser with SPF) and to wear a hat and sunglasses.

  1. Don't use rough exfoliation.

Exfoliating the skin frequently is an excellent habit since it helps to remove allergens, impurities, and toxins. Exfoliation also removes dead skin cells and encourages skin renewal, giving you skin that looks healthier. However, not every facial scrub is the same.

  1. Check your diet

This is a tip in every article about having clear, glowing skin. It is crucial to monitor your diet. Healthy eating habits help you glow and remove toxins from your body. To keep your skin hydrated, consume plenty of water and fresh juices. The most crucial beauty advice for sensitive skin is this. Some meals may cause negative skin reactions and increase sensitivity. Investigate and avert them.

  1. Wash your face

Washing your face helps remove any pollutants that may obstruct your pores and hydrate your skin. To dry your skin, always pat it. Prevent rubbing.

But be careful not to overwash your face because that can dry out your skin's natural oils. Skin that is more sensitive and dry may result from this.

  1. External factors for sensitive skin:

Not simply what you eat but also environmental factors like smoking, stress, lack of sleep, and excessive pollution can make sensitive skin break out in rashes and even worse skin conditions.

  1. Choose Cosmetics Carefully:

Most cosmetics with fragrance may react on sensitive skin and cause issues; therefore, always choose cosmetic products that are "Fragrance-Free." The choice of goods marked "No artificial colours" is considered preferable.

  1. Use Products Carefully:

Always use caution when using new goods, especially before going out or attending a party. They might make your skin condition worse and ruin your entire appearance. Always choose products that you have used in the past or those that your dermatologist recommends.

  1. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 

During the heat, sweating causes you to lose too much water. To stay hydrated and maintain your glow, drink at least 7-8 glasses of water (plain or infused, as you choose) each day. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to keep yourself nourished.

Don'ts for a Sensitive Skin

  • Avoid exposing your skin to harsh weather conditions like heat or cold. Both might have a negative impact. To prevent injury, use a dermatologist-recommended sunscreen and cover exposed body regions.

  • Everybody experiences stress in their daily lives. However, too much stress can be bad for your health in general, including your skin. Prevent it, then. Get enough rest, consume wholesome foods, and work out each day.

  • To remove dirt or a tan, don't aggressively clean your skin. These two behaviours may harm the skin and result in rashes.

  • Don't squeeze acne. Acne is a pain; that much is obvious. The answer is not to touch them repeatedly, as this will cause dark patches and dull your skin. 

  • No smoking! Your body would not benefit from smoking. Speaking of the skin, it could make healing from skin issues challenging and might exacerbate skin sensitivities.

10 Best Korean face care products for sensitive skin

The beauty industry is changing, and the market is expanding swiftly. Customers worldwide have gravitated to Korean skincare in recent years because its traditions and practices align with the growing emphasis on skin health and early prevention. Even though pimple patches, products for double-cleansing, and potent ingredients like snail mucin have recently graced your screens, some of these are parts of traditional Korean beauty rituals that have been practised for generations. Let's investigate some of the top products for sensitive skin right away. 

Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Vegan Toner

This vegan, odourless toner has no essential oils. It is created to feel lighter and absorb more quickly. It also contains a lot of calming licorice root and amino acids. Customers laud it for making their skin appear more glowing, clear, and soothing.

BENTON Fermentation Eye Cream

Without the aggravation of scents, the delicate eye area needs a boost of moisture and skin-repairing elements like panthenol and ceramides. This eye cream excels in every way.

Cosrx Bha Blackhead Exfoliating Power Liquid

Effectively cleans congested pores by penetrating the skin. It helps the skin to rebuild its moisture barrier. BHA gently exfoliates dead skin cells while penetrating deeply into the pores to give the skin its natural radiance. It also aids in clearing blocked pores. A straightforward method for avoiding acne and blackheads.



Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence

This facial essence is created with various organic substances to restore the skin, delay ageing, and provide the appearance of clear, youthful skin. Snail mucus, collagen, and bee venom, all of which have outstanding moisturising and regenerative properties, are included in the concentrated formula.



Purito Centella Green Level Buffet Serum

This multipurpose serum enhances inflammation reduction and skin barrier repair, enhancing skin appearance. It helps moisturise and repair damaged skin because it contains 49% Centella Asiatica extract, collagen, ceramide, and other natural ingredients.


The beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence

Do you have dry, damaged skin? This toner is infused with Hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine) components for a smoother, more luminous complexion.

It contains 80% ginseng root water, which is high in saponin and polyphenol and provides dry, depleted, and dull skin with enough hydration and nutrients.



Neogen Dermalogy Real Rose Flower Water Cleanser

Take a bath in real petal cleansing water! This cleansing water eliminates makeup, pollutants, and debris from the face while moisturising the skin for renewed and restored skin because it contains real rose petals. Moisture-type deep cleansing water requires no washing and calms and soothes skin while cleansing it quickly and thoroughly.



Innisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Moisturizing Cream

A deeply moisturising lotion that strengthens, heals, and shields the skin's defences from external threats like weather fluctuations and air pollution. In addition to skin improvement and brightness, this product also leaves the skin feeling hydrated and plump for up to 48 hours! This is also one of the best moisturizer for dry skin.

This soft and mild recipe is free of artificial or dangerous substances, including parabens, sulphates, artificial colouring, and scents that could irritate or overstimulate the skin.


Laneige Mini Lip Sleeping Mask EX - Grapefruit

The sleeping wrapping technology keeps the lips moisturised overnight by holding skin purification factors with the hyaluronic acid mineral network. This moisturising balm forms a moisturising film to help lock in active ingredients, and the skin absorbs and retains moisture through the night.

Special care must be used for sensitive skin. You must be extremely cautious while applying any components because fragile and sensitive skin cannot tolerate aggressive, chemical-based products. Any unsuitable product could make your face rash, itchy, and red. Additionally, some dietary habits might make sensitive skin red. UV rays and extreme temperatures should also be kept to a minimum. Use these straightforward suggestions to get through the challenging winter while maintaining healthy, bright skin. Keep in mind that your skin will react better the less stress you put on it. Also, if you're looking to buy cosmetics online in Dubai, Chicsta brings a wide range of Korean skin care, cosmetics and body care products at the best price. You can visit our website to shop online. 

FAQs about sensitive skin

What causes sensitive skin on the face?

Sensitive skin may be inherited, but it can also occur from diseases of the skin, excessively dry and damaged skin, or prolonged contact with environmental conditions that harm the skin.

How can I avoid having sensitive skin?

Your skin type is inherited from birth and cannot be changed. However, as you age, your skin type may alter at various times, including menopause and pregnancy. Take additional care of your skin to strengthen it rather than attempting to change its kind.

Q How can I know what type of skin I have?

By considering how your skin typically feels, you can determine your skin type using the simplest method possible. Here's a quick test to establish your skin type, though:

Use a gentle cleanser and face wash to wash your face. Leave it bare for 30 minutes after patting it dry. Examine your skin after 30 minutes.

  • Your skin is dry if it feels tight to the touch.
  • Your skin is healthy if you see a tiny shine on your nose and forehead.
  • You have oily skin if there is a lot of sheen on your nose, forehead, and cheeks.

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