Collection: Powder Pact

Set your makeup flawlessly with powder pact collections featuring renowned brands like 3CE, A'pieu and Missha.  Our selection offers curated products designed to enhance your makeup and ensure long-lasting wear. 

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A Powder Pact is a compact pressed powder used to set makeup, reduce shine, and provide a matte finish.

Apply with a puff or brush, gently patting or sweeping it over your face, especially on oily areas, to set makeup and reduce shine.

Yes, Powder Pacts are generally suitable for all skin types, but choose one formulated for your specific skin needs (e.g., hydrating for dry skin, mattifying for oily skin).

Yes, you can use a Powder Pact alone for a light coverage, natural look to even out skin tone and reduce shine.

Reapply as needed, particularly if you notice shine or want to touch up your makeup for a fresh look.