Take Care Of Your Hand And Foot With These Amazing Korean Products

Once you start using the top Korean creams, there is no turning back. So, if you've been using Korean products for your daily skincare routine, today we are here to discuss the importance of taking care of your hands and feet. Indeed, your hands and feet are the portions of your body that are exposed the most, and throughout the day, they come into contact with all the bacteria and germs you can imagine. You must make sure to wash them completely with soap and keep using moisturizer to preserve your hygiene. While doing so will prevent you from becoming sick, it also removes your skin's natural oils, making them drier than usual.

In this blog, we will discuss how to take care of your hands and feet separately. Also, we have mentioned some of the best Korean skincare products that you can buy from the best Korean beauty shop online. Also, they can be used regularly to keep your skin hydrated and maintain nourishment. Don't forget to consider the given below regimen,

Hand Care

Missha Total Repairing Hand Treatment

Your hands will look younger with MISSHA Total Repairing Hand Cream, making it impossible for anyone to speculate about your age. The fermented yeast extract in this anti-ageing hand cream also has a bleaching effect.

  • For a skin texture that is glossy and radiant
  • Hand cream containing fermented yeast extract for anti-ageing
  • With effects on both whitening and wrinkle treatment, a dual-purpose hand lotion
  • Your dry, rough hands will be moisturized and nourished by the Fermented Yeast Extract it contains.
  • Shea butter nourishes, hydrates, and fortifies the skin's surface on hands with wrinkles.

Grace day Moisture Glove Mask Pack

The Moisture Glove Mask Pack is offered by the cosmetics company Grace Day. The hand care product effectively moisturizes dry skin, replenishes its lost moisture, restores the skin's smoothness and softness, and delays the onset of ageing and premature tone loss. You can get it from the best online Beauty Store in Dubai.
  • created in the shape of universally sized gloves; -
  • includes a bioactive essence and a variety of natural components;

Eunyul Daily Care Bubble Hand Wash

Use Daily Care Bubble Hand Wash for everyday personal hygiene to get and remain clean. Additionally, a combination of natural oils softens and protects your hands all day. Pump the right amount onto your hands to gently cleanse them with bubbles. Thoroughly rinse everything.

The Best Korean Hand Creams: How To Choose?

1. Substances

When it comes to hand creams, pick the one that is loaded with moisturizing and hydrating ingredients, including ceramides, aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. Pick a cream that has peppermint, lavender, or rose essential oils added for a calming scent. Select a formulation for sensitive skin types that has calming components like aloe vera, camomile, and oat extracts. For mature skin types, look for anti-aging effects on the label that lessen hand wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Purpose

Consider a product that matches your unique demands and preferences, of course. Following are some tips on picking the best hand cream for your skin concern:

Working Hands: If you work in a field that relies heavily on manual labour, such as manufacturing or handyman work, you may experience excessively dry and occasionally chapped hands. In this situation, go for healing hand lotions that have fast-absorbing, moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil.
Cold Weather: It's best to pick a hand cream recipe that will keep your hands hydrated and protected even in the iciest weather.


Pick creams that are reasonably priced, have a choice of distinct smells and formulae to suit your mood and needs and are packaged in small, portable containers.

Hands are highly sensitive to germs, dirt, and other pollutants, as they frequently come into contact with the objects around them. And to keep them clean, you scrub them with anti-germ cleaners. However, because of the drying components in the cleansers, your skin may lose some of its moisture throughout this process. Hand creams are, therefore, a need in any skin care regimen.

How to establish a hand-care regimen

The good news is that your skincare routine and hand care guidelines are very similar. Therefore, the next time you give your face the big three—cleansing, toning, and moisturizing—remember to give your hands some tender loving care as well.


Instead of using harsh, drying soaps to wash your hands, always use a soft, hydrating, antibacterial hand wash or cleanser. To prevent any skin sensitivities or responses, make sure to wash your hands after touching anything dusty or filthy in addition to doing so throughout the day.


Your body's thickest epidermal layer is found on your palms and soles. In order to improve skin turnover—the rate at which old, dead skin cells are replaced by new ones—and to reveal newer, smoother skin, it is crucial to exfoliate your hands. Exfoliate your hands roughly twice a week as a general guideline, and try to choose a chemical scrub over a physical or granular one because those might irritate the skin.


A hand moisturizer is your closest companion in today's sanitizer-obsessed environment. Make sure to moisturize immediately after washing or sanitizing your hands to restore the moisture levels that harsh soaps and alcohol-based hand sanitizers can deplete. The simplest method to do this is to always use a travel-sized moisturizer, hand cream, or hand balm after washing or hand sanitizing your hands.

Sunscreen use

We cover our faces, neck, ears, arms, and legs with sunscreen, but sometimes we forget about our hands. The solution is to reapply sunscreen if you're washing your hands and to keep your hands out of the sun's direct glare just like you would your face. Even if you remember to wear sunscreen in the morning, you could wash your hands 30 minutes later, wiping the sunscreen off in the process.

Foot Care

Eunyul Foot Care Stick

By creating outer layers of skin that stop moisture loss, EUNYUL Foot Care Stick forms nutrition into the heel and keeps your skin supple and silky. Additionally, the aroma smell relaxes and comforts you.

Olive oil and coconut oil do not excite the feet and work to manage the keratin without doing so.
The foot is not heated, and it has enhanced the exfoliating effect of already popular foot care products. It is not sticky and offers nourishment and moisture.

Dear Klairs Supple Preparation All Over Lotion

This lotion is enhanced for dry skin. It creates a barrier to protect the skin from external stimuli and prevents the skin from drying out for extended periods of time. Additionally, it feeds and fortifies delicate, fragile skin while reducing flushing and irritation brought on by interaction with Ceramide NP, Sodium Hyaluronate, Polyquaternium-51, and Beta-Glucan. The thin texture of this lotion moisturizes well without leaving any stickiness.

Foot Care Tips

Purederm Exfoliating Foot Sock Mask

In just two weeks, the Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask, a "sock-type" foot exfoliating mask made with papaya and chamomile extracts, will flawlessly remove blisters and dead skin cells. Calluses are removed by a special combination of papaya, lemon, apple, orange, and other natural botanical extracts, while newly exfoliated skin is soothed by chamomile extract. A set of wearable mask sheets containing a foot exfoliator and treatment are part of the Purederm Botanical Choice Exfoliating Foot Mask.


The skin on the feet is particularly prone to bacterial and fungal infections because it spends the majority of the day covered in shoes and socks or exposed to dirt and grime. To guarantee that the sweat and filth that have been trapped are removed, it is crucial to wash and soap your feet once a day. If the skin between the toes is not adequately washed and cleansed, it is the ideal environment for bacterial and fungal illnesses to thrive.

Dry Them Off

Athletes' feet and other fungal infections can flourish in damp conditions. After every wash, it's crucial to dry the feet, especially the area in between the toes, especially if you're putting on socks and shoes right away.


Don't simply moisturize your hands and face. Moisturize your entire body. Your feet could become dry, scaly, and chapped from a lack of moisture. When this happens, the chapped skin, particularly on the heels, can become excessively dry and rough. After that, dirt and grime may start adhering to this area like a magnet. Chapped heels can be unpleasant in addition to having a bad appearance. After washing your feet each day, be sure to apply a large amount of moisturizer to your feet.


Dead skin cannot be moisturized; it will serve no function. First, it's crucial to exfoliate once a month to eliminate dead skin. Pumice stones or loofah can be used for this, but gently. Additionally, it aids in removing the grime and dirt clinging to the dried-out dead skin. After that, apply a moisturizing moisturizer, then let it sit overnight.

Frequent pampering

Twice a month, soak your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. The skin is made softer by this. Then gently scrub the feet, completely dry them, and apply a cold lotion containing vitamin E. Use an antibacterial cream if your feet are prone to infections and inflammations. A peel-off foot mask that hydrates or exfoliates can also be used once a month.

Put on socks

You should always wear socks to protect your feet from environmental harm and keep you warm. Socks protect the feet from dust and dirt that could adhere to the cream applied to the foot. Additionally, they shield against UV rays.

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