Missha Time Revolution Red Algae Treatment Essence 150ml

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Tired and Stressed skin

Missha new treatment essence is made with 100% Irish Moss Extract, a type of Red Algae that strengthens the skin’s defense and combats external stimuli that might harm it. This essence is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, as well as full of a powerful antioxidant that will promote youthful and healthy skin.

MISSHA Time Revolution Red Algae Treatment Essence_150ml
100% undiluted Red Algae essence with improved antioxidant effect through 100-day fermentation

1. Strength of Red Algae that delivers active substances to the skin

Increases absorption of active substances and relieves skin problems with only one ingredient, 100-day fermented Red Algae extract (Irish moss extract).

2. Strong skin against external stress

It provides a healthy skin condition full of energy by improving the skin’s strength with the antioxidant energy of Irish moss extract.

3. Revitalized skin full of moisture

Makes skin revitalized and youthful by delivering abundant moisture energy to flaky skin with the minerals and polysaccharides contained in Irish moss extract.

The modern person’s tired skin, suffering from various harmful environments.

Time to improve the skin’s defenses against external stress!


At the first step of skincare, dispense a moderate amount
on your palm and apply on the face while patting the skin.

Soak a cotton pad and gently tidy skin texture, or use as a pack.


Chondrus Crispus Extract (Irish Moss Extract)

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