I'm From Fig Cleansing Oil - 200ML

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Cleanse your skin while Nourishing your skin!
Experience the gentle yet powerful cleansing in a texture that leaves a refreshing finish without oil residues. Haenam, the southernmost point of Korea with abundant sunshine, rich oil, and oceanic sea breezes, is the optimal cultivation site for high-quality figs produced by sea breezes rich in minerals. Fig contain ficin, a nature-derived proteolytic enzyme, as well as natural moisturizing ingredients effective in moist and mild exfoliating care.

After one time use...
- Removes fine dust mimetics 99.33%
- Removes impurities inside pores 98.61%
- Removes dead skin cells 91.35%
*Test in improving human skin Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences (23.05.22 ~ 23.06.16, 21 subjects)

Key Benefits
1. Gentle yet powerful cleansing of a combination of 8 different plant oils gently cleanses and nourishes the skin.
2. The proteases inside figs gently remove dead skin cells, sebum, whiteheads, and blackheads, making the skin texture smooth.
3. Makes your skin clearer as you cleanse
4. Eye irritation and skin irritation tests completed, mildly cleanses the skin without irritating the eyes.

Volume: 200ML

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