Missha Cover Prime Liquid Concealer

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Recommended for:
- Who are looking for a concealer with high coverage
- Who are looking for a concealer with high adherence and good lasting effect
- Who are looking for a softly applied concealer with with smooth finish
Cover prime liquid concealer helps clearly cover blemishes by closely adhering to skin!
[SPF30/PA++ (Wrinkle care, Whitening & UV Blocking Cosmetic)]
1. Amazing coverage by just one touch!
   - It helps cover skin troubles such as dark circles, blemishes and brown spots at once.
2. Closely adhere to skin for long!
   - Coating powder helps maintain makeup for long by improving adherence.
3. From cover and contouring to strobing!
- Depending on your skin tone, you can choose one among 6 various colours.

Step1. Cover dark circle by ‘Under Brightener.’

Step2. Cover blemishes by ‘Vanilla’ or ‘Fair’ colour depending on skin tone.

Step3. Shade chin, cheeks, and hair line by ‘Beige’ or ‘Ginger’ colour.

Step4. Highlight forehead, nose, and C zone by ‘Ivory’ colour.



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