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Who is Chicsta?

Chicsta Loves everything K! Chicsta is a part of the Korean Wave (a.k.a Hallyu) which is taking the world by storm. Chicsta is about having the beloved Glass Skin, famous Rosy Lip Tints, the Dramatic Series, Romantic Songs, and Funky Clothes. Chicsta is home to the K-Community in UAE, who binge watch K-Series, are loyal fans of K-Dramas, & lets not forget religious Korean Skincare followers! 

Hala Hallyu - Say Hello to the K-wave!

While visiting Korea, we realized and understood the core of the Korean - wave (Hallyu); individuality, fun, and drama. That's where Chicsta.com started. We fell in love with the skincare, the styles, the food and the adorable merchandise. Back home in UAE, we had not seen any of this. There was not one single place in UAE that felt like we were revisiting Korea! We wanted to bring it back here; the buzzing neon light streets, the pop Korean songs playing everywhere, the glowing skin, the fun chirpy people! And that's how Hala Hallyu was born.

How we do it?

Committed K-Poppers at Chicsta handpick and curate products that represent this lifestyle, that bring us back to the streets of Korea! We are a community of varied cultures, age groups, and social groups, who have come together, and helped grow Chicsta, through the common love of Korean Culture & Korean Skincare. We have everything for the Skincare Enthusiast, for the E-Girl Lover, and the secret Korean fangirl.


We are committed not only to bringing you the best that K-world has to offer but also what is best for you!
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