ROM & ND Glasting Melting Balm - 3.5G

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#03 Sorbet Balm is a fresh and lively coral color like newly picked grapefruit.
#05 Nougat Sand is a soft nougat brown like savory nougat cream.
#06 Kaya Fig is the classic soft rosy fig color.

How to Use:

Apply gently to the lip line.
Use only a small amount, as it may break if you raise or lower a large amount.
Store in a place with little light exposure, as the color may change when exposed to strong light (sunlight, fluorescent light, store lighting, etc.) for a long time; avoid storage at high temperatures and below freezing.
A white pigment band may be visible, which is a phenomenon that occurs during the heating process while filling, but it is not an indicator of a defective product or quality.

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