Dashu Binoxidil Scalp Shampoo - 500ML

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✤ Fast and effective hair care

✤ Safe silicone free shampoo

✤ Functional cosmetics to help alleviate hair loss

✤ Solve fundamental problems with scalp and hair


✤ Person who is worried about hair loss

✤ People with hair loss and thinning hair

✤ Person who wants to care scalp and hair

✤ A dandruff person

✤ People who want to regain their health on damaged scalp and hair

How to Use:

1. Thoroughly wet your hair with room temperature water (Tips: Since all the waist are cumulated on your hair, shampooing during evening time would bring the best result)

2. Take an appropriate amount and make foams (Tips: Make foam on your hand first and apply on hair would have less irritation to your hair)

3. Massage your hair thoroughly (Tips: Using DASHU shampoo brush would make your scalp more clean)

4. After rinse your hair, dry hair well (Tips: Instead of using hot air, cool air is recommended since hot air makes your hair dry and old)

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