The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Toner

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What It Is:

Effective moisturizing and firming The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Toner keeps every droplet deep in the skin. 

If you want to know more...

Contains 92% New Zealand Harakeke extracts. Harakeke Flax Gel is natures super skin hydrator, with high quality of nutrients and polysaccharides, it is more hydrating, moisturising and healing than aloe vera. The plants are grown on the Living Nature property in Kerikeri.

Contains also Calendula Extract and Manuka honey extract. 

  • Manuka Honey Extract – nourishes and softens the skin, fulfils it with vitamins and minerals. This unique honey has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal actions. Therefore, honey Manuka perfectly cares for oily and problem skin, soothing it and contributing to the inflammation healing. Moisturizes & tones skin look, makes it soft, flat and velvety.
  • Calendula extract - has a strong anti-inflammatory and wound-healing, soothing and cleansing actions, so it's able for caring for oily and problem skin. Also, the calendula is used for skin rejuvenation, reduction of post acne/ageing spots and freckles. Returns to the skin the lost elasticity and toned up look.
Volume: 180ml

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