Some By Mi Tone Up Whitening Cream + Killing Cushion 2.0 Set #21 Light Beige

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  • Tone Up Cream:
  • A toneup skin as it naturally adheres to the skin and whitens it as if it were your own skin.
  • A multiple care as it can be applied not only on the face but also on the body.
  • Provides an outstanding glow to the skin the moment you apply it
  • Cushion:
  • This cushion allows the user to experience light cover as if it's the user's own skin and like as if nothing's on.
  • Waterproof Function Against Sweat and Water. It does not get smudgy when fixing makeup, and there is no thickness maintaining its coolness.
  • Whitening, Wrinkle, UV Light Blocking Function. Long lasting coverst without darkening, presenting clear and elastic skin.
  • Killing Cover with Kind Substance. Deep sea water and Naturally derived extract are substances helping enhancement of facial color, excessive sebum secretion, moisture, skin calming and enforcement of the skin wall helping you achieve beautiful and youthful skin.
  • Why this product :
  • Tone Up Cream:
  • Instead of purified water , Somebymi tone up cream contains 70% of western rose water, excellent of whitening effect/ skin softening/ moisturizing , and vitamin B12 for wrinkle prevention/elasticity improvement/ soothing.
  • No artificial color and fragrance, instant whitening toning correction, no stickiness, natural tone up your skin color!!
  • Cushion:
  • Dermatologist tested to be a safe and reliable cover cushion for sensitive skin, plus the triple skin-calming formula.
  • UV Protection, Whitening and anti-wrinkle
  • Dewy Finish
  • Perfect Coverage
  • Skin Friendly
  • 32% of Tea Tree
  • Zero Harmful Ingredients
  • western rose water
  • [Tone Up Cream] : After the basic skin care stage, take a small amount cream and apply five dots to the forehead, nose, two cheeks, and chin, and alternatively gently blend it outward.
  • [Cushion] : Pat gently on the skin. The more you pat, the better adhesion you get. Get perfect flawless skin with an easy-buildable puff.

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Some By Mi Tone Up Whitening Cream + Killing Cushion 2.0 Set #21 Light Beige