Miracle Set #Foamcrub + Soap + Toner + H7 Cream

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  • Foamcrub:
  • Deep cleansing into skin and pores
  • Prevents pimples
  • Tighten pores
  • Removing dry and old skin
  • Rejuvenate skin and making skin looking young and beautiful
  • Remove black heads and white heads
  • Giving skin a perfect glow and making it flawless
  • Made from natural ingredients that is very safe to your skin
  • Soap:
  • Contains Real TeaTree 10,000ppm.
  • AHA, BHA and PHA gently exfoliate and leave your skin only cleaner and moisturized. Together with Miracle Toner by Some By Mi, the effect is quicker and more effective !
  • AHA: Removes impurities and dry flakes from skin surface.
  • BHA: Exfoliates pores, removing clogged impurities and sebum.
  • PHA: Stops losing moisture from skin, dissolving dead skin cell.
  • Toner: Contains Real TeaTree 10,000ppm
  • AHA, BHA and PHA works as effective exfoliator to leave skin cleaner and more radiant than before
  • H7 Cream: A deep moisturizing cream with in depth solutions.
  • Septuple Moisturizing Technology
  • A septuple moisturizing technology that deeply fills from ultra low molecules to high molecules inside the skin.
  • Skin Elasticity & Whitening
  • Get skin elasticity, anti oxidant and whitening at the same time with 2 patent ingredients consisting only of natural ingredients.
  • Deep Healing for tired skin.
  • The BSASM that is made from the extraction of natural ingredients such as tea plant, licorice, and more, rapidly calms the damaged skin.
  • Deep Sea Water from Ulleungdo
  • Deep sea water has a mineral balance that is the most similar to the human body with a 3:1:1 mineral ratio of which can be quickly absorbed into the skin.
    • Why this product :
    • Foamcrub: It contains high rice bran extract so the skin is instantly, and over time, given a softer, brighter and clearer look and feel. Chesnut shell perilla seed and walnut shell extracts cleanse pores and blackheads. Lentil seed extract calms breakouts.
    • Soap:
    • Cleansing Impurities
    • Cleansing Pores and Exfoliating
    • Formulated WITHOUT 20 harmful ingredients
    • Brighter Skin Tone
    • Toner:
    • Skin exfoliating ingredients
    • Formulated WITHOUT 20 ingredients
    • Dual Functionality approved by KFDA
    • Low Ph Toner
    • H7 Cream:
    • sealing and healing moisturizing cream for very dry skin and especially those suffering from eczema.
    • it soothes skin irritation, reduce skin redness
    • wrinkle improvement and whitening effect
    • smoothes rough patches of skin.
    • heals the skin and minimizes the dry cracked appearance of skin.
    • hypoallergenic, good for sensitive skin.
    • works well under makeup, absorbing just enough to help cosmetics "blend beautifully."
    • Daily moisturiser. Apply after Toner before SunScreen
  • Volume : Foamcrub 100ml + Soap 106g + Toner 150ml + H7 Cream 50ml
    • TeaTree
    • [Foamcrub] Pour about half a teaspoon into hands.
    • Add Lukewarm water, and rub hands together to create creamy foam
    • Massage gently onto a wet face into circular motions avoiding the eyes
    • Tip: Can be used as a gentle body scrub too!
    • [Soap] Wash your face with warm water. Make enough foam with the soap and gently massage your face or body for about 1 minute. Wash away.
    • [Toner] After cleansing in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad, wipe it off along with the texture of the skin, and let it absorb lightly.
    • [H7 Cream] Apply a suitable amount on entire face and gently pat for absorption.

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    Miracle Set #Foamcrub + Soap + Toner + H7 Cream