Chicsta Bundle for Blemish and Whitening Treatment

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Chicsta Chicsta Chicsta Chicsta

A glow-boosting set of vitamin to reveal your radiance,banish your blemishes and target visible signs of aging.

This kit contains

  1. Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening Toner
  2. Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Blemish Care Serum
  3. Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening Moisture Gel Cream
  4. Some By Mi Yuja NIacin Brightening Sleeping Mask 
If you want to know more...

    1.Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening Toner

    • Toner contains the richest type of citrus Yuzu, which is a hybrid of mandarin and lemon, and makes up almost 90% of the composition of the toner.
    • Due to this, your skin will be provided with a large amount of Vitamin C, which will help not only lighten your skin, but also even out the tone of the face as a whole and give it a healthy glow and glow. 
    • Niacinamide (5%) brightens age spots, corrects uneven skin tone and eliminates traces of post-acne, as well as prevents moisture loss and increases skin elasticity, and Glutathione and Arbutin help lighten the skin as a whole, as well as regulate the production of melanin.
    • Volume :180g

    2.Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Blemish Care Serum

    • It lightweight texture let skin absorb easily and leaves skin without sticky feeling.
    • This serum brightens dull and uneven skin tone by targeting blemishes, freckles and pigmentation to create a fresh and dewy complexion.
    • Formulated with yuja extract and niacin amide for brightening and moisturizing effects, glutathione and arbutin to lighten dark spots and prevent melanin pigment production.
    • Volume : 50ml

    3.Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening Moisture Gel Cream

    • Yuja Niacin Brightening Moisture Gel Cream is an excellent lightening cream for combating pigmentation, as well as giving radiance to the skin.
    • Due to the gel texture, the cream is well suited for intensive moisturizing, as well as cooling the skin.
    • Yuja is a type of citrus that is rich in vitamin and effective in brightening.
    • ALLEVIATION : Aleviate trace of melasma,dark spots through Vitamin C Yuja.
    • PREVENTION : Prevent melanin production from heat through cool glacier water.
    • Volume : 180g

    4.Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening Sleeping Mask

    • A dual functional product: Whitening + Anti-wrinkle.
    • Brightens and moisturises skin with 70% of Goheung Yuja Extract.
    • Improves skin tone and brightens skin with Glutathione, Arbutin and Resmelin
    • Hydrates skin with Aquaxyl and Fructan™ and vitalises skin with 10 kinds of vitamins.
    • Volume :60g

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