Some By Mi [Mini] Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Toner

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Try this multi-tasking toner which eliminates your skin problems and keeps your skin smooth and healthy.Great to use on sensitive skin.

  • Strengthen the natural strength of your skin with the power of the Black Snail.
  • Contains 90% of Black Snail mucus which helps strengthen skin walls.
  • Increase the natural strength of your skin with Snail Toner.
  •  SOMEBYMI Soothing Care uses the main ingredient of Truecica ™ which consists of tea tree, Centella, Mugwort and Centella extract.
  • Contains 10,000ppm Truecica ™ which helps treat your sensitive skin.
  • Eliminate your skin problems with Snail Truecica Toner.
  • Black snail : Skin regeneration, Damage repair, Resilience ! Snail mucin heals back the damaged skin. the snail's slime which generates when the snail is hurt can regenerate snail's damaged skin cells and broken shell. 

  • Truecica : Skin-soothing, Refined skin, Fortified barrier. Hypoallergenic for healthy skin, Free of 20 caution-needed ingredients.

  • It is helpful for dry & irritated skin, or if your pores are getting bigger or more sensitive to external factors.
  • Volume :30ml

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