Remington Reveal Elegant Beauty Styler MPT3900

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Make unwanted hair a thing of the past with this elegant Remington face trimmer - ideal for use while traveling or at home, thanks to its innovative design. .As portable beauty technology solutions are on every woman's wish list, the Remington Reveal Elegant Beauty Styler has a lipstick-shaped case - a simple turn will elegantly reveal a ready-to-use trimmer. Perfect for gentle and painless hair shortening, you can keep Beauty Styler in your bag or cosmetic bag to be ready when you need it. Ideal for today's hectic lifestyle, so you can have it with you, ready in the blink of an eye - whether you go out for a drink after work, dress up after the gym or pack things for a weekend trip. In addition to being useful for shortening unwanted facial hair, this practical tool is also equipped with a comb that is perfect for shaping and arranging eyebrows, and also has a mini pencil trimmer for precise and detailed hair shortening. Therefore, if you need to get ready in no time, you can be confident, tidy and ready for anything in just a few gentle, painless moments.


You can put a mini rose styler in a bag or cosmetic bag to keep it close to you when you need it. Simply turn it over, as well as the lipstick, and a ready-to-use trimmer is revealed. A practical tool with a shiny and compact design. 


The mini pencil-shaped trimmer is ideal for maintaining facial hair whenever you need it, as well as the trimmer for details. A separate comb-shaped attachment allows you to quickly, easily and gently shape your eyebrows. 


  • Innovative facial hair trimmer 
  • Elegant design and lip-opening mechanism - the turn reveals a pencil-shaped trimmer 
  • Perfect for use on the go - it fits perfectly in a bag or cosmetic bag  
  • Mini pencil trimmer for hair trimming and shortening 
  • Two-way work - ideal for both eyebrows 
  • Eyebrow shaping and trimming extension 
  • Striking design with an interesting base
  • Battery powered (1 AAA battery included) 

Warranty Period: 1 Year

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