Peripera Oil Capture Cover Pact

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From tone correction to texture coverage, all at once! Natural nude beige colour that naturally harmonizes with the skin in both Tone Correction and Texture Coverage.

Oil Capture Pact

Less oil for a long amount of time

Oil Capture Cover Pact 10g.

1. Perfect match with the skin for tone and texture correction all at once.

2. Refreshing and Soft Finish as if having applied a blur effect.

3. Hard - Working Base Stays Put !

Tone correction and texture coverage

With the skin tone - matching pact that takes charge of softness and get rid of worries about oily shine for a long period of time!

Both tone and texture correction that perfectly matches the skin.

With skin tone - colored powder made of fine particles evenly adheres to the skin to help realize both tone and texture correction.

Refreshing and soft finish as if having applied a blur effect.

The Porous powder lightly adheres to the skin to absorb sebum and create refreshed and soft skin!

Oil Capture Pact Point

Pentagonal puff for a refreshing and soft look anytime anywhere with compressed NBR that perfectly fits into the contours of the skin.

How to Use

Tap onto the face before and after applying makeup!

The plate -  like powder with a hexagonal crystal structure helps with adherence to the skin and long - lasting effects!

Use a brush for smoother and softer porcelain - like skin.

Please note:

If you bend back the corner of the lid, you can take the puff out right away!


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