Peripera Ink Thin Thin Pencil Eye Liner

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Peripera Black Noir Ink Thin Pencil Liner - 01

Crisp, real black color that is dark and heavy like an action noir film.

2 - mm slim liner for easy drawing 

Ink thin thin pencil liner, from the corners to the ends of the eyes in just one go !

Easy Makeup with the 2 - mm thickness 

Smart ink coloration

Clean and long - lasting even if you wink many times.

1.Dual eye makeup looks with the 2 - mm, slim eyeliner for easy to draw lines in just one try, even for beginners!

Not only the pointed ends of the eyes but also the underline for a refreshing inner - corner eye lift.

2. Smart ink coloration

The soft formula relieves irritation around the eyes and smartly matches your natural color like ink!


GOODBYE worries about irritation to the eyes with the soft texture of the silicone oil formula!

Vivid eyeliner with just one formula!

3.Clean and Long - Lasting, even if you think many times "BLINK - PROOF"

It gently fixes onto the eye for clean and thin lines that last for a long period of time!

Formula that is strong against water to lessen worries about smearing.


Ink fixing effects of silicone resin in volatile oil. 

How to Use


Thinly fill in the mucous membrane, then extend the line horizontally after having passed 2/3 of the eyelashes to draw wings.

#Corner_of the_eye_lifting_effects

After drawing the upper line, use the #3 Milk Tea Brown to draw a line parallel to the underline for an eye-patching effect.


As the core has thin and very soft, it is vulnerable to impacts, such as high temperature and drops.

Take caution with storing.




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