Mixsoon Bean Essence - 30ML

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Miracle soybean essence that cares for sebum & impurities and replenishes moisture at the same time

1. Sleep without irritation of sebum & dead skin cells

The first step to perfect skin cleans sebum and dead skin cells gently and without irritation soybean essence can be used every day if used for moisturizing

2. Awakens the sense of moisture and moisture that is densely filled from the inside

Chewy texture using fermented soybeans densely fills the gaps between sebum and dead skin cells with moisture

3. Secret of a firm texture, fermented soybeans

Moisturizing that is filled from the inside without being sticky by adding the sticky texture of fermented soybeans as it is

4. The valuable filling technology of fermented soybean moisture
* At 30 degrees: 
It is broken into small particles at the right temperature for a thicker presentation. 

High frequency cold extraction

Use of high-frequency low-temperature extraction method that maximizes the function of raw materials, not high-temperature extraction

* For 72 hours. 

formula completed after waiting for 72 hours

* Safety and stability

continued pesticide residue and heavy metal inspection in-house

5. From moisturizing power to skin beauty effect

1) fermented soybeans

improved skin health with higher absorption after fermentation

2) fermented barley

moisturizes and strengthens skin vitality with a large amount of vitamins

3) fermented pomegranate

contains natural aha ingredients to improve dead skin cells & care for smooth skin texture

4) fermented pear juice

antioxidant function with vitamins c, e and flavonoids

How to Use:


Step 1.

Cleanse and prep your face with a toner.

Step 2.

Apply the essence and massage your skin in circular motions.

Step 3.

When you feel residue appearing, apply the essence once more and continue to massage with slightly more force.

Step 4.

Wash away the residue with water or gently wipe off with toner on a pad.

*Recommend to use 2-3 times a week.


Step 1.

Cleanse and prep your face with a toner.

Step 2.

Apply an appropriate amount of essence.

Step 3.

Gently massage and tap the essence into your skin until fully absorbed.

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