Missha Lash Talk Color Mascara 7.5g

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Colour mascara to help express mood of eyes with applying colour on eyelashes.

  • natural and soft brown color mascara
  • feminine and unique raspberry color mascara

  • express different mood

  • tidy mascara without smudging and sagging

  1.  Raspberry color that express feminine and fascinating mood.
  2. Mild chocolate color that express soft mood.

  3. Tidy volume and vivid coloring benefits by volumizing color powder.

  4. Long-lasting curl without sagging and without smudging waterproof by film setting former.

Comb by inside of brush,

  1. Quick coloring + curl UP

  2. Re-apply with edge of brush,

    Vivid coloring + volume UP

  3. Finish with outside of brush,

    Tidy coloring + separating



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