Missha Fromganic Super Red Body Soap

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Fromganic body line is a healthy cleanse recipe to help body skin moisturized with vital 5 kinds of fruit and vegetable juice that obtained by cold press method and eco-certificated 7 kinds of complex

What is cold press method?
The healthiest way to juice that obtains juice by pressing vegetables and fruits with high pressure and low temperature

* Common ingredients
✔ 95% of naturally-derived formula
Orga 7 complex which is Eco-certificated 7 kinds of complex helps make skin smooth.
(Angelica keiskei, kale, rice, carrot, salary, tomato, lettuce)

* Due to its natural derived color, it can be discolored by light and heat, but there is no problem with product.
The texture is absorbed on the skin quickly and leaves fresh feeling. They provides moist to the skin and leave moisture lightly without stickiness. And it improves skin dryness after shower


A body fluid that makes skin fresh containing 5 kinds of red fruits juice with full of energy


A body fluid that makes skin fresh containing 5 kinds of yellow fruits juice with full of vitamin


A body fluid that makes skin fresh containing 5 kinds of green fruits juice with full of moisture

Bouncy and mild foam helps body clean and fresh!

Elastic feather removes impurities on the skin by cleansing well and make the skin feel fresh without any residue.



MISSHA Fromganic Body [Soap]

Take appropriate amount on the shower sponge or on the palm, make bouncy feather, apply it over the body and rinse off with water.

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