Missha All Kill Tint Remover 30ml

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MISSHA  All Kill Tint Remover is lip tint and lipstick remover which easily and effectively removes the tint color pigmented on the lips.

1. Pros

  • Remove all traces of lip tint and lipstick easily and effectively.
  • It is a liquid gel type texture that contains Mango Seed Butter and Avocado Complex (Butter, Oil) that nourishes and hydrates lips after cleansing.

2. Concept

  • Superior Cleansing Effect: Excellent cleansing by removing agent system helps to remove the tint color much more thoroughly than the other general cleansing product.
  • What is Removing Agent System?
    • Provides a powerful cleansing effect by melting a water-tint pigment with water and hydrophilic ingredient!
  • Moist Lip Care: The refreshing liquid gel type with natural moisturizing factor such as mango seed butter, avocado complex (butter, oil), etc gives moisturizing and nourishing to the lips even after cleansing.
  • Sweet Fruity Fragrance: The sweet fruity fragrance gives pleasant, refreshing effect.


Before and After cleansing with All Kill Tint Remover

Wet Tissue  | General Lip & Eye Remover |  All Kill Tint Remover

  • Wet Tissue, General Lip & Eye Remover → cleanses off the residue that’s left on the lip surface only.
  • MISSHA All Kill Tint Remover → cleanses off makeup that is colored even in between the dead skin cell of lips.

3. Main Ingredients

  • Mango Seed Butter, Avocado Complex (Butter, Oil), Lemon/ Cranberry Extract: Nourish and hydrate lips for dewy express even after cleansing.

4. Directions

  • Dispense an appropriate amount and gently rub thoroughly on the lips with fingertips as massage, then gently rinse off with lukewarm water or wipe off with wet tissue.
  • Tips: Avoid contacting with scars on lips and eyes. Do not swallow.

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