Beautiqlo Madetica Clear Spot Patch For Acne

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Made In Korea
What it is:

The Hydrocolloid + pu flim structure has a good adhesive force, preventing the spot patch from falling off or getting tattered even after your wash or shower. The patch can stay long.

If you want to know more...
  • MADE WITH HIGH-GRADE HYDROCOLLOID: Adhere directly to the skin and extract all the pus and impurities straight from the source.
  • TRANSPARENT: Invisible so you can feel confident wearing the patches in bright sunlight.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE: Effective even on those pesky pimples that havent surfaced! The Healing Patch will calm, flatten and soothe your skin.
Volume: Two Sizes-A single pack includes 24 total patches including two sizes:10mm (12 patches)12mm (12 patches)

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