Long Wear Hair Coloring Black

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  •  Dyeing Gray Hair Completely : For the Black, Dark Black and Orange Brown color .It dyes the gray hair naturally and perfectly.
  • Gorgeous and Refined Color : For the Sand Brown color It dyes the dark hair to be colorful and beautiful. 
  • Long Lasting Color : The colorant with small molecule permeates into the hair deeply and it help last for a long time.
  • Mild Dyeing without Irritation : For the Black, Dark Black and Orange Brown color
  • It is mild to the hair and scalp as it is free of eight harmful ingredients such as PPD, ammonia and etc. : For the Sand Brown color
  • It is mild to the hair and scalp as it is free of seven harmful ingredients such as PPD and etc.
  • Key Ingredients: Allantoin, (Keratin, Silk protein, Panthenol)
  • Step 1. Dispense the desired amount of using of Tube 1(hair colorant) and tube 2(color developer) in a ratio of 11 into the enclosed tray.
  • Step 2. Stir well to mix Tube 1 and tube 2 with the enclosed brush.
  • Step 3. Section off the hair with a comb, and apply the mixture to the hair, starting from the area with a lot of white or gray hairs. Apply once more to the area with more gray hair such as the hairline and sides.
  • Step 4. Apply thoroughly and leave it on for 30-40mins to prevent the hair from making a difference between the gray hair and non-gray hair.
  • Step 5. Shampoo the hair with lukewarm water. Apply the included hair pack and massage the hair for 1-2mins and rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly.
  • *Dry the hair completely to avoid stains.
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    Long Wear Hair Coloring Black