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Made In Korea

What it is:

With brighter days we can start thinking about the summer days ahead of us and it is never too early to start prepping your skin for festival display & give your skin instant, just-right luminosity.

This kit contains:

If you want to know more...

1.Axis-Y Quinoa One-Step Balanced Gel Cleanser

A loving cleanser that clears makeup and pores in one step while delivering a gentle and hydrating wash at your skin’s natural pH. The combination of quinoa and healthy nutrients remove environmental toxins to reveal healthy, lively skin.

2.Axis-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner

Axis-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner is an anti-blemish toner to clear and refresh your skin. This 6-1-1 advanced formula in Axis-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner does a number of great things for your skin and look.

3.Axis-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen

A Mugwort sunscreen that protects skin from UVA and UVB damage while providing the healing properties of skin-loving ingredients for an every day, no-stress life.

Which skin type is it good for? 

✔ Normal
✔ Oily
✔ Combination
✔ Dry
✔ Sensitive

Solutions For:

✔ Acne Scars
✔ Blemishes
✔ Inflammation
✔ Pores
✔ Dull Skin

✔ Damage From UV Rays
✔ Premature Aging
✔ Itichness
✔ Excess Sebum
✔ Dryness





Authenticity Guarantee: 100% Original Product

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