Eunyul 5 Day Sheet Mask Set

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Made In Korea

What it is:

Chicsta created a new 5 day Eunyul sheet mask set for skin lovers.

 If you want to know more...

  • Now you can care your skin deeply every night or morning.

  • Pick the mask sheet according to your needs.

  • For example, when your skin needs extra glow and shine use Honey sheet mask.

  • When you feel your skin dehydrated use Vitamin sheet mask for healthy and bright skin.

  • At night when your skin needs moisture and collagen use Aloe sheet mask.
  • When your skin needs to be purified and needs protection from dust.Use Cucumber sheet mask.
  • Collagen is good for sensitive skin.It also provides nutrition & elasticity to skin.Use Collagen sheet mask for flawless skin.
  • Care your skin as claimed by your everyday skin condition.

Volume: 5 sheet mask set(22ml each)


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