Elroel Pang Pang Big Sun UV Shield Cushion

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Sunscreen cushion with SPF 50+. With aloe vera extract and without purified water, it protects the skin from sunrays and it has a soothing effect suitable for sensitive skin, too.

The yellow part resembling a sun is formulated with 5 types of vitamins that help recovering the skin damaged by the sunlight. The white base, comprised of 7 types of tea extracts, has cooling and relieving effects. Developed to apply sunscreen without using hands (in this way it is more hygienic), its puff makes it easy to use it on face and body, and the product absorbs perfectly resulting impalpable. It is hydrating and lowers skin temperature to contrast sun exposure. It doesn’t contain purified water. It is not an aftersun cream, it has to be rinsed at the end of the day.

How to Use

Take an appropriate amount, spread it evenly on the face and gently pat the skin to fit the product.
Reapply the product several times if necessary.

Volume: 25 g.

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