Cosrx Day+Night Pimple Patch Kit For Cystic Acne [Clear Fit Patch+Acne Pimple Patch]

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Made In Korea

This Kit Contains :

  1. Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch
  2. Cosrx Clear Fit Master Patch

If you want to know more...

1.Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

  • Protects wounded or troubled area from getting worse and maintains humidity of skin to prevent further breakouts. Hydrocolloid type.
  • A.D.F. Hydrocolloid Dressing: The uniquely developed hydrocolloid material effectively extracts impurities and creates moist environment, which makes the healing process faster.
  • Intensive Acne Healing Overnight: These masters in healing acne adheres to the skin strongly and does the magic by extracting impurities and reducing redness.
  • Adheres to the skin naturally, perfect for daytime use since it's even more unnoticeable under makeup.
  • Hydrocolloid material (SomadermSpot - S): Hydrocolloid material effectively extracts impurities and creates a moist environment, which makes the healing process faster.
  • Matt, gradient, ultra-thin
    COSRX Clear Fit Master Patch is an ultra-thin acne patch in a gradient form with matt finish, and it is barely noticeable when applied on the skin.
    You could go out with the patch on during the daytime, and it would seem natural. It is even more invisible once makeup is applied on top.

Which skin type is it good for?

✔ Normal
✔ Oily
✔ Combination
✔ Sensitive
✔ Dry

Solutions For:

✔ Abrasions
✔ Sores
✔ Breakouts
✔ Cystic Acne
✔ Acne
✔ Active Breakouts
✔ Clogged Pores

Pro Tip/ Recommendation: Dont squeeze your pimples with your fingers!Dont cover them with concealer either!Instead use this easy & quick spot care.

Authenticity Guarantee: 100% Original Product

Product Expiry Date: 10/04/2023

Product Volume: 

Pimple Master Patch: 2pkt(18 patches each)

Clear Fit Master Patch:  2pkt(18 patches each) 

Delivery Info: Next Day Delivery in UAE

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