Calamine Daily Routine Trio by K - Secret

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 Total solution for Oily & Combination skin

# Tightening PORES

# Removing BLACKHEAD

# Calming ACNE

Have you worried about enlarged pores, reoccurring acne, excess sebum, cakey makeup, blackhead, and dead skin cells? And you don't want to use any strong chemical ingredients? This will be suitable for you. Natural pink powder Calamine contains, This set will blossom your skin.

[Toner] Calamine Toner Upgraded, for more powerful effects

Calamine secret toner which contains real Calamine powder 30,000ppm is effective for tightening enlarged pores and calming blemishes and ACNE. Especially for oily skin type, this toner makes your skin matte and clean.

[Serum] Calamine derma secret serum contained real Calamine 20,000ppm will brighten up your dull skin and protect the skin from strong UV, external irritation. This serum will improve your skin barrier healthier.

[Sunblock] Calamine Secret Sunblock with Pink Tone-Up is a Triple functional cosmetic, "brightening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection". The tone-up function makes your skin look brighter and healthier while Calamine 15,000ppm soothes sunburnt skin.

Volume [Toner] 160ml [Serum] 50ml


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