Sheet Mask + Oil + Premium Cream

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This Kit Contains :

  1. Missha Phytochemical Skin Supplement Sheet Mask (Lifting)

  2. Missha Cho Gong Jin First Oil

  3. Missha Cho Gong Jin Premium Cream

Missha Phytochemical Skin Supplement Sheet Mask (Lifting)

  • Missha Phytochemical Skin Supplement Sheet Mask is formulated with extracts of colorful fruit and vegetable colors.
  • It contains natural phytochemicals from fruits and vegetables, providing the skin rich nutrients.
  • This lifting sheet mask with purple fruit extracts of grapes, aubergine and plum supplies a lot of moisture and makes the skin smooth and elastic.
  • Volume : 250g

Missha Cho Gong Jin First Oil

  • Total anti-aging oriental herbal oil for the first step of skin care to help maintain optimal balance and condition of skin, rebuilding overall energy and elasticity
  • Anti-Aging at the First Step of Skin Care
  • MISA Cho Gong Jin First Oil absorbs deep into the skin as applied at the first step of skin care, providing intensive anti-aging benefit such as improving skin moisturizing, elasticity and density.
  • Linseed so-called ‘Seed for Life’ Linseed extract which contains active ingredients such as O-mega 3, lignin (phytoestrogen) and etc, and oil complex including rice bran oil, cinnamon oil and pine needle oil provide full and healthy moisture to skin.
  • Volume : 30ml

Missha Cho Gong Jin Premium Cream

  • For skin that remains full of moisture and firmness until the next day.
  • This salve type balm melts gently into the skin at body temperature, forming a smooth layer of luster on the skin surface.
  • Comprehensive aging care to fight against signs of aging.
  • A special prescription for flaxseed, Tremella fuciformis and gold to solve complex skin troubles and give a firm and elegant gloss to the skin.
  • Rich nourishing care The ‘Gongjinbichaekdan’ prescription that provides the rich nourishing effect of decoction fills and firms up the skin.
  • Volume : 60ml
  • Cho Gong Jin First Oil
    • Key Ingredients -
    • Linseed Extract : Linseed is well known for skin care from a long time along as it includes abundant phytoestrogen.
    • oil complex : Complex of three kinds of oil will make skin moisturized and radiant;
    • Rice bran oil for soft skin texture,
    • cinnamom oil for healthy radiance and pine needle oil for energetic skin.
  • Cho Gong Jin Premium Cream
    • Key Ingredients -
    • Cho Gong Jin prescription for beautiful and healthy skin.
  • Cho Gong Jin First Oil
    • After washing the face, take an appropriate amount with spit, apply on the cheeks and forehead and smooth the whole face.
    • Lastly, cover your face with both palms to be fully absorbed.
  • Cho Gong Jin Premium Cream
    • In the morning and at night, apply to the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin following cream. “
    • Gently massage using fingers as if melting the balm into the skin.
    • Lightly press down on the face with the palms of your hands to help the lotion completely absorb into the skin.

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    Sheet Mask + Oil + Premium Cream