What is Glow Squad ?

A family of Korean Kulture Lovers! We talk about K-pop, Kimchi, and everything Korean Skincare.

What are Glow Coins?

Basically, whenever you shop with us, or talk about us; you get points. Use Glow Points to Shop instead of using real money.

Why is Glow Squad Amazing?

  • Exclusive Deals and Discounts
  • Free Access to Brand Collabs and Blogger Events
  • Skincare Minis, or Sheet Masks with Every Order
You Spend

1 aed
10 glow coins

you get

Ways To Earn

Signing Up

200 Glow Coins

Your Birthday

200 Glow Coins

Refer A Friend

20 AED Coupon

Making A Purchase

1 AED = 10 Glow Coins

Follow On Instagram

50 Glow Coins

Ways To Spend

10 AED Off

1000 Glow Coins

20 AED Off

2000 Glow Coins

30 AED Off

2500 Glow Coins

Are you a Beauty Influencer?

We Love your contribution to the Beauty Community. Your Brand Suggestion and Reviews are Extremly vital.

Be a part of Glow squad

Just drop your handle , along with the details;

We will call you back

Learn More About Glow Squad

Glow Squad is our loyalty program designed to reward you for taking your skincare journey with us! Through the program, you will be eligible to earn Glow Coins whenever you engage with Chicsta.com, such as making a purchase, referrals, reviews, and sharing your love for us on social media.

You can earn Glow Coins via the following activities:

Sign Up: You get 200 Glow Coins as soon as you sign up.

Purchases: All qualifying purchases earn miles for every AED spent, 1 AED = 10 Glow Coins.

Birthday Glow Coins: Celebrate your birthday with an additional 200 Glow Coins!

Refer-a-Friend: You and your friend will both receive a 20 AED coupon for your purchases after making the payment. You can refer as many friends as you like!

Social Sharing: Follow us on Instagram, and get 50 Glow Coins.

For every 100 Glow Coins, you get a voucher issued for 1 AED. Eg: You redeem 1000 Glow Coins, you receive a voucher through email for AED 10.

Yes. Glow Coins are eligible for redemption up to twelve (12) months from the date they are originally earned. Please make sure you spend within the twelve (12) month validity period to retain your balance.

I just placed an order / signed up / engaged on social media but I don’t see Glow Coins added to my account. Not to worry! Sometimes it takes our system a few minutes to process and add coins to your account. If you don’t see the coins in your account after 24 hours, please drop us a WhatsApp/ email us at support@chicsta.com
Also, glow coins are credited as soon as you make payment for your order, for online paid order coins will be added immediately and for cash on delivery orders, coins will be added as soon as your order has been marked paid, this usually takes 24 hours from the time your order is delivered and cash has been collected successfully.
Any coins associated with that order will be deducted from your Glow Squad account balance.
We’re sorry to see you go! If you would like to leave the Glow Squad program, please drop a message on our WhatsApp/ email us at support@chicsta.com and we will deactivate your account. Please note that deactivating your account will cause you to lose any accrued miles. You may re-enroll in the program at any time, however, your Coins balance will reset to zero.
Drop us a message on WhatsApp/ email us at support@chicsta.com with any questions or feedback!