Chicsta Affiliate Program



Chicsta Affiliate Program (CAP)

There are thousands of affiliates programs out there today but what differentiates Chicsta Affiliate Program(CAP) from the rest is how we have taken serious the idea of rewarding our customers and brand advocates who market our products by word of mouth to their family, friends and networks.

How it Works:

CAP is an affiliate program that anybody above 18 years can enroll and start earning. The first step is to join by registering through our WhatsApp chat and you will be provided with a unique discount code that you can share with anyone. Once you share the discount code to as many people as you can, all you need is to have the people to purchase anything not less than the allowed Order value, our team at Chicsta will then check how many purchases were completed for each 30 Day window period using the provided unique code. Once verified the Team will advise the affiliate to pick up their Compensation at our Offices.

  1. If 3 persons but less than 5 purchase anything above the required value within the 30 Day window period you will get Free Foam Cleanser.
  2. If 5 or more persons purchase anything above the required value within the 30 Day Window period you will get Some by Mi Miracle Kit.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

Chicsta reserves the right to terminate the program at any time without prior notice.

Chicsta will not deliver the Affiliate payout or Package, (whatever the case maybe) to the Affiliate and in the case that the affiliate requests the package to be sent to them(Affiliate) shall bear the delivery charges.

The Affiliate Shall not at any given point act or receive anything on behalf of the company and from its(Chicsta) Customers.

The Affiliate is required to mention to the customers that they are receiving compensation for sharing and promoting Chicsta products.

The given discount code shall be valid only for the given 30 Day Window period and henceforth any purchase made after using that code will not be considered the Affiliate’s Conversion.