Centella Asiatica Hand Cream
Dhs. 42.00Dhs. 35.00
[Features] In cosmetic products, Centella Asiatica is used for its smoothing, calming and purifying properties. Studies on therapeutic...
Lutos 365 Moisture Capsule Essence
Dhs. 146.00Dhs. 139.00
An essence functioning as a moisture barrier, the bluish capsules that melt away prevent the loss of moisture...
3 Seconds Brightening Cream
Dhs. 96.00Dhs. 89.00
Details: 3 Second Brightening Cream / This formula is an immediate whitening cream with brightening effects that noticeably...
A gentle revitalizing facial moisturizer Features a non-greasy & ultra-lightweight texture that dissolves quickly into skin Contains Alpha...
A lightweight, quickly absorbed facial oil Features an ultra-gentle, non-irritating formula Rich in antioxidant Vitamin C to shield...
Dhs. 129.00
This lightweight lotion is easily absorbed into skin Formulated with Squalane, Vitamins A & E Incredibly nourishes &...
Hydragenist Oxygenating Repumping Morning Moisturizing Mist
Dhs. 138.00
Offers 24-hour light-textured hydration Safeguard water retention ability in dry condition Minimizes moisture loss for optimal balance Quenches...
Dhs. 42.00 Dhs. 35.00
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Dhs. 96.00 Dhs. 89.00
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