Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence

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Missha Mini Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence 

What It Is:

A lightweight essence featuring double-fermented artemisia extract, also known as mugwort extract, to efficiently deliver moisturizing and soothing properties to the skin.

If you want to know more...

  • The Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence is a single ingredient essence.
  • It’s a liquid product based solely on Artimisia Annua extract, a plant from Ganghwa, an island in the West Sea off the west coast of Korea.
  • When you have sensitive and irritated skin, it’s indeed interesting to use products with very short formulas, because it allows you to limit as much as possible the interactions with potentially irritating ingredients.
  • Artemisia Annua, or Chinese wormwood, is a herbaceous plant species, widely used in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • In cosmetics, it has soothing and calming effects, and it also helps to retain moisture in the skin.

Which skin type is it good for?

✔ Normal
✔ Oily
✔ Combination
✔ Dry
✔ Sensitive

Solutions For:

✔ Dryness
✔ Flaky Skin
✔ Rough Skin
✔ Dullness
✔ Irritating Skin 
✔ Redness

Recommendation: Recommended for sensitive/irritated/acne-prone skin types.

Authenticity Guarantee: 100% Original Product

Product Volume: 150ml

Made In Korea

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