Tips to Build a Solid Skincare Routine in Time For Dubai Summer

Dubai’s heat can be unbearable, and our skin suffers the most in this scorching heat. It’s our poor faces that take the beating of high temperature, dust, humidity, and wind. It is said that nothing breaks out your skin like a Dubai sand facial. To protect your skin while living in Dubai, here’s a blog that can help you in taking proper care of your skin in Dubai’s heat.

Protect Your Skin Against Sunburn


The first and foremost step of any skincare regime is to ensure that the skin is protected from the harsh rays of the sun. It is important to keep the sun’s rays away from your skin with the help of sun protection. Dubai is a country where temperature rises as high as 50 degrees Celsius, and it becomes crucial for you to protect your skin.

Excessive sun exposure can increase your chances of skin cancer and premature ageing, in addition to making you look red and sore.

You should use sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection on your skin, even when it's cloudy or dusty outside. Always remember to use sunscreen to prevent undesirable conditions, including skin cancer, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation!

Cleanse Your Skin Everyday


The value of cleansing is one of the skincare lessons we've learned in Dubai—the hard way, and we should add—thanks to breakouts. Sand and grit are constantly being blown around by winds in Dubai, adding to the city's dusty atmosphere. Even worse is when a sandstorm hits! All of this grime will accumulate on your skin while you're out and about, especially on your face. As a result, make sure you have a thorough morning and evening cleansing routine. In particular, at night, you should remove any makeup (and Dubai's grime with it!) before going to bed. You can now buy organic skincare online for proper skin cleansing.


Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly


Make sure to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to prevent skin damage. With a salicylic or glycolic exfoliant, you can help release dead skin cells and promote cell turnover by exfoliating at night. Exfoliating helps you keep your skin soft, silky and smooth by buffing away and eliminating the dead skin. When you buy organic skincare online, make sure to purchase a good exfoliator for your skin.

Investing in Products as per Your Skin Type


Make sure to invest in products that suit your skin type. There are several oils, serums, and peels which can help accentuate the glow of your skin and make your skin healthier from within. But it is important that you buy products as per your skin type. Ensure that you determine your proper skin type and then shop personal care products in UAE.

Moisturize Your Skin


Moisturizing is an excellent way to reduce skin problems. Moisturizing every single day helps reduce the chances of developing dryness or oiliness. It also helps to conceal skin blemishes. Moisturizers also help in making the skin shinier and healthier.

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