Remove Dead Skin Cells With A DIAPIA CICA Relief Pore Pad

For those with dry, sensitive, or eczema-prone skin, cica relief pore pad is rapidly establishing itself as a must-have cosmetic product. It's a well-liked Korean cosmetic product and is frequently available as a pore-tightening clear sebum-dead skin treatment.

In fact, Cica cream is an antioxidant-rich moisturizer for sensitive skin. The substance has also been used for ages to treat acne or scars. It's gaining acceptance and commonly being incorporated into skincare regimens. It is a 100% cotton pad that consists of AHA/PHA to help remove unnecessary dead skin and keep the skin moist and soft.

However, madecassoside acid, asiatic acid, and asiaticoside are the principal components of Centella asiatica, cica cream is also marketed as "madecassoside cream" or "asiaticoside cream." Whether you have dry skin or enlarged pores, DIAPIA CICA Relief Pore Pad is best suited for calming, moisturizing, and soothing the skin. This blog also outlines what CICA does to your skin and its benefits.

What causes Dead Skin cells?


One of the most frequent causes of an accumulation of dead skin cells is ageing. The ability of your skin cells to regenerate fast declines with age, which causes an accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface.

Skin sensitivity

The rate of dead cells in skin cells can be accelerated by a lack of moisture, which causes more dead skin cells to be produced on the surface. Skin dryness can be caused by illnesses, dehydration, improper moisturizing, etc.

Not exfoliating the skin.

Any skincare routine should include exfoliation. If you don't exfoliate your skin at least twice a week, dead skin cells will continue to accumulate on the skin's surface.

External variables

Because the skin is frequently exposed to the environment, the environment has a significant impact on skin health. In dry, cold, and arid environments, dry skin is typical. Lack of humidity in the air can cause the skin to become dry and retain dead skin cells.


Overexposure to sunlight can dry out the skin, which encourages the growth of dead skin cells.

Benefits of Using CICA Relief Pore Pad

Cica relief pore pad help with several skin issues, including:

Irritation and drying: By assisting the skin's barrier function, Centella asiatica's anti-inflammatory qualities are thought to make moisturizers more effective. Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and Centella Asiatica extract, which increase skin moisture, are all present.

Scars: Triterpene chemicals found in Centella Asiatica have been shown in experiments to potentially boost collagen synthesis.

Wrinkles: Chronically sun-damaged skin who used an antioxidant cream containing vitamin C and madecassoside extract showed better skin hydration, suppleness, and wrinkle appearance after six months.

Who Can Use CICA Relief Pore Pad?

  • Who needs to smoothen rough skins
  • Those who have sebum, open pores, and dead skin cells
  • Calming irritating and sensitive skin


  1. Before using your face, make sure to do a patch test.
  2. If you experience any kind of irritation, red rashes or itching, make sure to consult your doctor.
  3. If you have any injury or scar, avoid applying CICA cream on that part
  4. Keep Away from direct sunlight
So, if you're looking for comfortable pore care anytime and anywhere, CICA Relief Pore Pad is the best option to go with. You can visit Chicsta to buy this product at the best price. We also have an array of various other cosmetics, skincare, and vegan skin care products of different brands.
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