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The product that we will review today is their Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream. Starting off, it comes with a box and a tube type product. As you can see, the Rose Tone Up Cream has a cute packaging highlighted with a feminine pink color on top and bottom. At first glance, it's an eye catching product.



*What’s difference among BB, CC & Tone-Up Creams?

Since BB Cream boomed, the alphabet formulations (BB, CC, DD etc,) have steadily been released, however I would guess there will be no more trends going on with these products as concealers give high-coverage and Primers & Sunscreens are becoming super popular with wide range of people – wish ‘Get It Beauty’ have this topic (sunscreen) soon.


BB Cream(Blemish Balm): Was ideal for after laser-treatment, covering redness & acne. It became as a Beauty Balm, smoothing your complexion, evening out the tone and providing hydration/anti-oxidants like skincare benefits.
(*Asian(Korean) BB creams tend to be thicker & high/full-coverage and most Western BB creams are closer to a lightweight tinted moisturizer with a sheer appearance.)

-  CC Cream(Colour Correcting): Also covers redness, conceal dark spots and add radiance. It provide a lighter, natural coverage than BB cream.

Tone-Up Cream: Multi-purpose item, it acts like a primer, sunscreen, skincare & tone-corrector. Main function is brightening skin tone with an instantaneous effect and fight hyperpigmentation & discoloration.


This tone up cream is also mild so you can use it anywhere in your face or body which has discoloration. Upon usage, my skin felt soft and smooth which is making this one of my favorite creams.


*What else we need to know more about Tone Up Cream?

Q1. What step in use?
It recommended to use before sunscreen, because if use after sunscreen, the sunscreen may dissolve so you wouldn’t get a UV protection.

Q2. Can I wear before sleep?

At night it should be avoided. Some brands show on their product page, it can be used as a night cream – formulated with safe ingredients as well as it has functional skincare benefit such as whitening & anti-wrinkle.

The key ingredients in the tone-up cream are ‘Titanium Dioxide’ and ‘Zinc Oxide’, which are frequently see in physical sunscreens. These 2 main ingredients help to immediately improve the skin tone. Well, would you sleep wearing a sunscreen? — Please cleanse thoroughly, it can cause acne and block your pores all night long.



Q3. The use of tone-up cream, the skin’s tone will improve in the long run?
Positive Yes! so please check the whitening ingredients such as vitamin C, Niacinamide & Arbutin.

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