Can You Use Lotion on Your Face? Know Here

Are you thinking of slathering your favourite body lotion on your face? Snap out of this thought quickly because doing this might do more harm than good to your delicate facial skin. You must have read and heard that the skin on your face is thinner than the rest of your body, making it more sensitive than the skin on your body. It is the reason why your facial skin needs a product that is light on the skin and provides the right amount of nourishment to it as well. While using the snow white milky lotion can work miraculously for your body, you must choose an appropriate product for the delicate skin on your face.


Why Shouldn’t You Use Body Lotion on Your Face?

Body lotions are comparatively thicker than facial creams. As the topmost layer of your body is thicker, body moisturizers or lotions are heavier in composition so that they can provide an appropriate amount of hydration and nourishment to the body. In addition, the texture of body lotions is also thick and greasier, which, if applied on the face, can clog your skin pores, eventually leading to breakouts and acne.


While you can use body lotion to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and nourished, you must note that it will not work wonders for your facial skin. One must also note that body lotions are formulated specifically for the rest of your body. Certain ingredients and compositions of body lotions might irritate your delicate facial skin and cause skin problems in the long run.

Facial Creams: Caring for Your Skin Gently

As our skin is constantly exposed to the environment, it becomes crucial to enhance the skin's protective barrier. Facial creams or moisturizers are formulated using many ingredients that protect the skin and help combat potential skin issues.

An excellent facial cream can help you win against all uncomfortable signs of damage, from reducing dryness and wrinkles to fighting hyperpigmentation. Today, we have a wide range of face creams that come with SPFs to protect the facial skin from harsh sun rays. Choosing the right product according to your skin type can work wonders for your skin.

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