As kids, we all must have tried at least once to sneak into our mom's vanity and get all her cosmetics. As we grew older, time changed and, we started experimenting with everything, from a new hairstyle to bold lipsticks, trending dresses, and so on. And, that's what teenage is all about - to try everything including the on-going makeup trends.

Being a teenager girl, we always feel curious to lay hands on beauty and cosmetics. I get it girls - been there, done that! If you are keen for trying makeup and all the trending looks of the year, go ahead, but, do it the right way. Because, nope, you don't want to look all caked up.

Here is a makeup tutorial along with some tips that would help you to get that natural teenage glow along with a unique finishing look.

Makeup Products for a Teenager

So, what would you need in your cosmetic bag? Nah, not much, just a few of those makeup products and, you can slay your everyday look.

 BB/CC Creams

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Did anyone ever tell you that you don't need to put on any foundations, contours, and all sort of stuff while in your teens? A BB is more than enough for your face as it does everything, from protecting against UV rays to giving you a smooth finishing touch.

Usually, all BB creams come with a specific SPF value and a bit of foundation-like formula that does your job in just a single step.

We would recommend the Pretty By Flormar SPF 15 BB Cream that hydrates your skin from within while giving you a glowing look outside (without making it look over, of course). You will love its super-lightweight formula that feels feathery on skin.


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Well, we would suggest you to avoid using concealers but, if you have a lot of pigmentation, dark circles, and acne, go for an all-natural concealer that doesn't irritate your skin. Now, choosing the right concealer is a little trickier because they are available in different shades.

Let us simplify it for you so that next time when you are on it, it turns out to be perfect. You must have gone through the colour-wheel during school days. Every colour in the wheel compliments the one that lies opposite to it. For example, red lies in front of the green and, hence, you have to use a green coloured concealer on your acne or any other red tinted spots.

 We would recommend you L'Oreal Paris Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette that has five to six different shades of concealers in it.


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A little blush is unarguably necessary on the apples of your cheek. It not only gives you a chic look but also accentuates your cheek area. However, you might not find it easy to use powdered blush, creamy textured and stick blushes are there to help you out.

You only need to put a little bit of it on your cheeks and spread it evenly using your fingertips. We would suggest you Revlon Insta-Blush or NYX Professional Make Up Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette. The former is a blush stick while the latter one comes in a smooth, creamy texture.


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Eyeshadows work great when you want to bring attention to your eyes. But, not all eyeshadows are meant for you. As a teenager, it would be good to stick to just the neutral or cooler shades. This way you won't look overdone and, it would even give that extra bit of glam to your eyes.

You can go for L'Oreal Paris Eye Shadow Palette that has ten different eyeshadow colours to choose from.

Eyeliner & Kohl

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How can we forget this? You can miss everything mentioned above and still look gorgeous with just a dash of liner on your eyes. Grab a liner and kohl to define your eyes beautifully. You can create many different looks with these two beauties alone.

We would recommend you Maybelline New York Curvitude Eyeliner for better grip and to get your wings symmetrical and, Revlon Colorstay 2 In 1 Angled Kajal for your waterline.


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Well, there's no harm in a little bit of mascara. It's the best thing to give your lashes a twirl and an extra bit of oomph. There's nothing specific to suggest you but, you can go for Flormar Precious Curl Mascara, Maybelline New York Push Up Drama Mascara or L'Oreal Paris Mascara.

Lip Gloss

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By lip gloss we mean to say, gloss and, not lipsticks. Lipsticks might look too tacky and overdone. But, lip gloss would do the trick for you. Choose a tinted lip gloss that would hydrate your lips and keep them moisturised for longer. There's no harm in going for tinted lip balms either.

We would recommend Pretty by Flormar Lip Gloss, Benefit Cosmetics Lollibalm Lip Balm, The Yeon Rosy Lips Lip Balm or Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm.

Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial for Teens


Now that you know all the makeup essentials, it's time to learn how to work with different looks. Teenage is the best time to experiment and carry those fresh-dewy makeup looks.

Cleanse | Exfoliate | Moisturise

We all know this drill, right? To put on makeup, it's crucial to have a clean canvas. Cleanse your face with Benefit Cosmetics Refined Finish Facial Polish and exfoliate it using Mario Badescu Strawberry Exfoliator. Follow up with Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream to moisturise your skin.

Apply BB Cream

Apply a little bit of BB cream and blend it evenly using either your fingertips or a makeup brush. Don't put too much, keep it light and even to get an all-natural finish.


Use concealer to mask your skin irregularities. Remember the colour-wheel and, you are good to go. Apply it on all the affected areas using a concealer brush. Blend evenly.

Add Blush

Lastly, apply a generous amount of blush onto your cheeks and, blend it smoothly for a naturally flushed look. Finish off by applying a little bit of translucent powder on other parts of your face.

Define your Eyes

Apply eyeshadow on your eyes and try to keep it as light as possible. Wing out using eyeliner and, apply kohl along your waterline. That's all!

Lip Colour

Lastly, put on your favourite lip colour to finish off your look. It was that easy.

Isn't it the perfect look for a teenager? Simple yet elegant.

Skincare Tips for Teenagers

1)      You need to keep your makeup simple, light, yet beautiful. Be it any look, it's too easy to accomplish. Here are a few tips that would help you out in future.

2)      Always moisturise before putting on all the makeup products. Use a primer moisturiser if you have oily skin. Remember, the slate needs to be smooth and even.

3)      Curl your lashes with a curler before applying mascara.

4)      Don't forget to take off your makeup at the end of the day as it may clog pores and cause breakouts.

5)      Use good-quality products with fewer chemicals as the skin is pretty sensitive during teenage.

That was all for a teenage makeup guide and, we know you all are excited to enter into the fascinating world of cosmetics. We are more than happy to welcome you but, remember to do it the right way which now, you already know.

Don't forget to drop us a comment below and, let us know if you have any queries or suggestions.