Undoubtedly, nail art always holds a sweet little place in our heart and, it has evolved a lot over the past few years. From cat claw acrylics to bubble nails, the scope of painting your nails is growing every day. But, there's this one trend that emerged in the 90s and is still one of the chicest ones.

Yes, we are talking about our very own - Matte Nail Polish trend. Nothing beats matte nails when it comes to being trendy yet manageable at the same time. Well, here's a complete guide that will teach you how to sport matte nails along with a few tips and tricks to make it long-lasting.

 How to Prep your Nails before applying Matte Nail Polish?

 Prep your nails for the drama

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Start by cleaning your nails to get a clean canvas. Remove your old nail polish using rubbing alcohol or nail paint remover. Use a cotton ball to wipe away your nail polish.

Always use non-acetone based nail paint removers as they don't dry out your cuticles.

Trim, File, and Smooth your nails

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After removing your nail polish, it's time to trim, shape, and buff your nails. Grab a nail filer, nail cutter, and a buffer. Start by clipping your nails using a cutter.

Shape them into square, round, or square-round using the nail filer. Finally, smoothen out the surface of your nails using a buffer.

Soak in Warm Water

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Once you have shaped your nails, it’s time to spend a few minutes to pamper them. Use a body scrub to exfoliate your nails and soak them in a tub of hot water.

Keep them soaked for about ten minutes so that your cuticles get softer to push back.

Push your Cuticles

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Cuticles are a crucial part of your body that protects the nail matrix against infections. Instead of cutting them, you should push them a little bit using a cuticle pusher to get the perfect oval shape.

However, skip this step if it hurts you. Try to push your cuticles a little towards your nail bed. If there's any dry skin, remove it using the clipper.

And, Moisturise

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The next step is to use gentle hand cream and moisturise your hands as well as nails. After exfoliation, the hands lose their moisturise content and, hence, you need to hydrate them using a hand cream.

Alternatively, you can apply almond oil as a moisturiser.

Remove Oil & Grease

Moisturisers have oil in them which can reduce the life of your nail polish. Remove the grease from your fingernails using rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. 

How to apply Matte Nail Polish?

Choose your shade

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All the colours look great in matte but, there are a few that stand out from the rest. Dark colours like Black, Burgundy, Blue look great in matte texture while lighter colours like White and Grey also look appealing.

Handle Chipping like a Pro

Matte nail polish tends to chip quickly than any regular nail paint and, hence, you must keep your nails on the shorter side. Trim your nails below the tip of your fingers and then, follow with your nail polish.

Apply your Nail Polish

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Apply a single coat and don't clutter too much. Allow the base coat to dry completely.

Continue with the second coat for more drama and let it dry.

Top up with a matte top coat nail polish to make it long-lasting and even beautiful. Let it dry and, you're good to go. 

It was that simple to apply the matte nail polish but, here are a few tips that will help you a lot while rocking the look.

 Tips & Tricks to Apply Matte Nail Paint

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  1. If you love your glossy signature shade and want to get a matte version of it, top it up with a matte top coat and, it will look exactly similar to a matte nail paint.
  2. Here's a little trick to turn your regular nail polish to matte. Apply your nail paint the way you do and, let them get some steam from a steamer or a boiler. The steam will camouflage the glossier look, making it appear matte.
  3. Mix your nail paint with a little bit of corn starch to make it matte. Don't make it very thick so that it doesn't spread evenly on your nails. Apply your base coat and top it up with your new mixture of nail polish to sport that matte look.
  4. You can also mix an eyeshadow powder of your colour choice to a matte top coat nail polish and turn it into your own DIY Matte Nail Polish.
  5. If you always end up applying the nail paint outside the nail area, use white craft gum on your nail bed so that you can pull it off afterwards, taking away the extra nail paint along. 

This was all about how to apply matte nail paint perfectly and, we hope you found this guide useful. Well, getting beautiful matte nails is not rocket science and, anyone can master it easily.

If you have some other matte nail polish tricks and tips to spill, do comment below so that we can include them here.